Cappadocia Private Balloon Tour

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Adventure, Freedom, Dreams… If you fly with MyTrip, you have chosen quality and trust. As you glide slowly in the sky, you will have the opportunity to see the region’s unique geography. Our flights that take at least 1 hour will take you to the Cappadocia Region where you cannot reach on foot.

You will have the opportunity to watch the sunrise on our flights that start early in the morning. In addition, one of the privileges of our tour as you are taken from your hotel at the end of the tour will be left to your hotel again. While preparing balloons, you also find the possibility of breakfast. After breakfast, you watch the preparing of the balloons and get information about the flight.

As the balloons take off with the sunrise, you watch the sky while turning red color. Rising balloons rise to a maximum height of 1,200 feet. Our balloons glide slowly in the sky, allowing you to take exquisite pictures by descending from time to time between the valleys.

A celebration with champagne or juices awaits you on your descent. The group photos are then taken and your certificates issued for the sake of your name.


  • Full passenger insurance
  • Experienced, professional pilots
  • Different Flight Types

Our flights are held every day when the weather is available.

Private Balloon Tour

Price : Please Ask

Duration : 1 Hour & 1.30 Hour

People in one basket : Only For You

– You will be picked up from the hotel in the early hours of the morning and taken to the breakfast area first.

– Our breakfast includes snacks such as donuts, cakes, cookies and hot drinks such as tea and coffee.

– After, we take you to the take off area and you watch the preparing of the balloons.

– The balloons begin to take off with the sunrise.

– Balloons rise to 1200 feet high to watch Sunrise and watch Cappadocia from the top.

– At certain intervals, your pilot ascend and descends into the valleys to allow you to take photos.

– Our standard flight takes 1 hour in the air.

– A landing celebration with champagne is made and your commemorative flight certificates are given on your name.

– We take you back to hotel after the tour.


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